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Bunyonyi Kalebas Resort

This is the official website of Bunyonyi Kalebas Resort. The place has been thoroughly renovated under new management and has just opened again in july 2018. The camp is a small lakeside resort where you can stay in one of our self contained rooms with lakeview. Also we have some tents for rent and you are welcome to bring your own tent and use our garden campsite. On this website you can find more information about our accomodation and here you can book as well.


Within 500 meters is the small authentic village center of Kyabahinga with a lovely harbour, restaurants, bars and shops. On Mondays and Fridays there is a lively market with local produce brought and bought by boating villagers from all around lake Bunyonyi. Taxi's and bodaboda's connect reliably with the town of Kabale over a beautiful winding 8 km road with small villages and several scenic hand worked stone quarries.

About Bunyonyi Kalebas Resort

This small lakeside resort with a lovely terraced garden has some good old trees and bushes and thus is a true birders paradise with 2 resident crested cranes, kingfishers, mousebirds, canaries, ibis and many more, including a resident colony of wagtails. Otters and hyrax can be seen.

Uganda is not as hot as most other countries of the continent as it has an altitude of 1000 m above sealevel. Lake Bunyonyi doubles that! It is a vulcanic creation from long long ago. So this is about the coolest region in Africa. Especially in the rain times, when a blanket is needed at night. So we even provide duvets!

There are 2 boating- and swimming docks, a lakeside bar and a (yet modest) restaurant, garden campsite, tents for rent, self contained rooms with lakeview; all serviced by an enthousiastic local staff. They can help you arrange boating or walking tours.

Bar and Restaurant

Kalebas Camp Bunyonyi has a lakeside bar and a (modest) restaurant. All with the best views over Bunyonyi Lake.


Boating and Swimming Docks

The boating and swimming docks of the camp give you the possibilty to enjoy a swim or go for a boat trip.



Bunyonyi Lake

Bunyonyi Lake is undoubtedly the loveliest lake in Uganda with its 29 islands and steep terraced hills.