To see and to do


To see and to do


In and around the camp there is a lot to see and to do. Lake Bunyonyi itself is a beautiful lake where it is very well possible to have a good swim. Also interesting to do: canoeing, hiking or a boat cruise. Of course a visit to the colourful local market on mondays and fridays is a must. It is just nextdoor and one of us will be pleased to accompany you as that will make it more relaxed. Otherwise YOU might be the sight and attraction of the day.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi, which means 'place of the little birds', is a beautiful crater lake in the southwest of Uganda. This second deepest lake (900 m) in Africa has many small islands and is tucked between volcano peaks. The area is called the 'Switzerland of Africa'; it is truly a beautiful idyllic place.

During a holiday to Uganda you do not want to miss this magical place.

Best of all – unlike many lakes in East Africa – Bunyoni is bilharzia, croc and hippo free, and so its crystal-clear waters are all yours to swim in.




For a two hour experience: Slide in a dugout canoe (a hollowed out treetrunk) and enjoy the lake or visit an island or climb the opposite hill with it's small village and shamba's. A canoe trip in the evening, with the sounds of cicadas, frogs and singing night birds is also one of the options.

Or for a one day Canoe Trek: Make friends with a traditional healer and a craftmaker as you admire superb view of the lake from a central peninsula that few travelers ever visit. 






Perhaps the most popular activity around Lake Bunyonyi is watching birds, as the name Bunyonyi already suggests (place of many birds). And it still is true! The magic of our place is that you can see and hear those little friends all around as they are attracted by that wonderful old garden; its shrubs and bushes providing food to many of them. So from your own terrace one can see them quietly nibbling near you and they are not afraid of us. In the morning an ibis walks around, thoughtfully snacking worms and laughing loudly as he sets off over the lake with its partner. At the lake shore the weaverbirds weave and woo and the kingfisher is often spotted at the docks. We also can take you on a boat trip to "Birds island" where there you might see many more....



The Bunyonyi lake is free of the freshwater worm that causes Bilharzia (worm infection). Moreover, there are no crocodiles, hippos or other dangerous animals in the lake, which makes the water perfectly suitable for swimming. Because the lake is quite deep everywhere you have to be able to swim well.

Also there is a sandy bottom for a few meters near the bar with a stone platform in the water that you can step off from. Just a few meters! So if you are not such a good swimmer better not go alone or keep our lifebuoy at hand.





Hiking: Climbing up to top of the most beautiful hills in the area. Get a good panoramic view of all islands and enjoy a fresh breath from the hills and plants. 


Village walk: This includes visiting local families, learning their tradtions and culture.



Boat Cruises

Our motor boat will take you anywhere on the lake. We can explore the islands to see more birds or other animals or settlements. Or go to the Pygmees, who live very isolated on a distant shore. They do some agriculture for bare survival. They are shy but welcome the scarce visitors as they 'll be glad to sell some simple charming home made handicrafts. They will proudly show you their very very small school and if they like you they will drum and dance!